May 20, 2018

May 20 Balboa Lake 

Guppies 1st Free Fishing Tournament and Launch event was a huge success. Lots of fun and lots of fish caught. About 14 kids joined us for an exciting day of fishing starting with a safety course and an intro to fishing class. Right away the fish started biting and they just kept getting bigger as the day went. When it was all said and done the tag team of Christian and Sebastian took home 1st place with a beautiful 14 lbs Carp. Great day at the lake with some great kids and parents. Thank you to the volunteers for all the help. Looking forward to to next tournament in August keep an eye out on the schedule and on our Instagram.

Topanga Wrestling Team Private Event

JULY 7, 2018

Very fun day at the beach with the Topanga Wrestling team. We had the pleasure of hosting a private event for an amazing group of amazing kids and adults. Started our morning catching bait at the Malibu Pier and continued catching bait (sand crabs) in the surf. We caught a variety of fish but the highlight of the day was a 100 lbs plus Batray. The kids all loved the intro to fishing class as well as the stingray and shark set ups. Till next time TIGHT LINES.



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